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Four Layers Of Flexible Seamless Steel Pipe Structure Introduced

Flexible seamless steel pipe has a four-layer structure, the innermost layer is extruded thermoplastic pipe, the sealing liquid in the transmission function; the middle two layers of lining is filled with carbon polyethylene pipe, which has arrived in the

Flexible steel pipe has a four-layer structure, the innermost layer is extruded thermoplastic pipe, sealing liquid in the transmission; the middle two lining is filled with carbon polyethylene tube, which has long-term resistance to UV radiation , And can exclude external static electricity. The outermost layer is an extruded, thick outer shield that protects the bottom of the tube from external influences. Standard flexible pipe applicable pressure rating in line with the ANSI classification, such as grade 300 is equivalent to 5.15MPa; grade 400 is equivalent to 6.89MPa; grade 600 is equivalent to 10.3MPa.

The design of offshore flexible seamless pipe is based on API17J, 17K and RP17B. The design criteria for onshore Flexible Steel Pipe slightly deviate from the API standards. Using the API17J classification methods and materials, the pressure, pull and failure limits are within the specified limits. The test was carried out in accordance with the requirements of APIRP17B. Terminal fittings are designed to meet the requirements of maintaining the integrity of the structure, ensuring the sealing of the inner and outer extruded layers and assuring the transmission of tensile and compressive loads to the pipe structure. Samples of terminal fittings were subjected to blasting and axial tensile testing.

Competition and Development of Small Diameter Seamless Steel Tube Market

Now the entire small-caliber seamless steel pipe market is facing a bottleneck. Many manufacturers maliciously reduce their prices and disrupt market order in order to gain a competitive advantage. Now the steel is already very expensive, one of the price cuts will only bring to the entire industry can not spend the winter. So want to win more markets, quality is the guarantee. Healthy competition is the basis for the long-term development of an industry.

We all know that Shandong is the main production of small-diameter seamless steel pipe, due to the cluster effect, where the steel is the quality or price are in a leading position. As a leading market in China, Liaocheng's production of small-caliber seamless steel pipe, starting from the quality, in line with the concept of customer service, and strive to produce the best quality products.

As for the future development, the leading steel pipe enterprises will also be dominated by science and technology, through scientific and technological innovation, to produce more affordable products for the vast number of consumers to provide better steel pipe, thus driving the development of the entire industry.