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Casing Pipes Is Used To Protect The Role Of The Pipeline Or Iron

What is the casing is popular? It is used to protect the role of the pipeline or iron, in our lives the most common casing application is the decoration of hydropower in the conversion. In general, the first time we decorate our house is to change the location of the wire to adapt to our new layout. In the change of wire will be buried before the wire pipe, and then wear into the wire, this pipe has become a casing. Of course, the type of casing is not only this one, below to introduce what is the casing? Casing what?

Casing is usually used in the construction of the basement, used to protect the pipe or to facilitate the installation of the iron pipe. The casing is classified as rigid casing, flexible waterproof casing, steel pipe casing and metal casing. Casing is available in many areas and is generally a set of fittings that are outside the other shaft or rod parts and have a wide range of functions depending on the requirements of different environments, such as protection against shaft or rod parts Sleeves; support supporting the casing, and some casing can also be used for sliding bearings. In the mine casing is used to protect the drilling, usually used in the drill hole, to prevent the wellhead collapse and so on. Casing can also be divided into pipes, surface casing, technical casing and casing casing according to their use.

What is the casing effect?

1, all water supply pipe and casing is due to the pump or water flow will cause the pipeline to produce vibration pressure, if the casing will be because of the casing and the filler between the role of the pressure and make the buffer, In a long time after the wall cracks and thus affect the appearance.

2, easy to construction. If you do not reserve casing, in general, is to ask the building to do concrete box to fight the concrete. This is the completion of the pipeline after the installation, civil workers have to deal with the other side of the hole, far from the original stay tube was convenient and quick.

3, easy to repair. If the pipeline for some reason to be replaced, the casing is much more convenient.

4, for those who may often have water on the ground room, such as the kitchen, bathroom, etc., casing 20mm higher than the decorative surface, will prevent the water flow down the pipe. Especially the reserved bushings, which have a good contact with the ground that has been waterproof, and the water resistance is much higher than those that have been reserved for holes.

For our decoration in the use of casing is very useful, first of all to protect the wall of the wire, and will not produce quality problems when the wire leakage, causing harm to the residents. In addition there is a guide to the casing, if any of the wires fail, it is also easy to remove for maintenance. The use of kitchen casing in the bathroom is also more common, the general water pipe through the wall will also install a casing to facilitate maintenance.